OYC Weather Station Online

The OYC now has a Weather Station broadcasting information via WeatherUnderground.  Thanks to Suzan and Michael Segal,  you can now get up to the minute wind and weather info right from the deck at the club right on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet.  The station address is KNYOSWEG21. A display has also been installed under the bell inside the Club.  Imagine how beneficial this information will be on a Wednesday afternoon this season!

You can also access the information right from our website.  In the weeks ahead, we'll be moving the station to the roof of the Club for even more accurate reports.

Follow the links below or search the Apps Store or Google Play to Download your preferred App!

Weather Underground




  • Most accurate weather service, pinpointed to any microclimate.
  • Current conditions or forecasts with data points from 200,000+ personal weather stations across the globe.
  • Community features include crowd reports, webcams, WunderPhotos and more.








  • Highest resolution radar animations for past and future data, with advanced storm tracking.
  • Enhanced global radar; precipitation and lightning alerts; daily and hourly forecasts; layered maps and more.
  • A go-to anyone who wants to stay ahead of the storm.








  • Connects to personal weather stations for a deeper dive into the weather data you care about.
  • Customizable graphs let you analyze, share and compare data with any of the other 200,000+ stations in our network.
  • Drag, drop or delete content widgets to create your ultimate dashboard.




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